About Us

TBC was first established as a new church plant on February of 2009. We are meeting on the church campus of Valley Korean Community Church (VKCC) in Sylmar, CA. We have recently partnered with VKCC to support each other as two independent churches operating on one campus. TBC has the privilege of providing the English Ministry for VKCC, while VKCC is generously allowing the use of their campus for TBC’s ministry. Our constant and earnest prayer is that He would graciously use us as a means for the conversion of souls, and ultimately, to bring all glory and honor unto Himself.

The name Titus Bible Church comes from the New Testament letter written by Apostle Paul to Titus. Paul exhorts this young pastor to teach the church sound doctrine as well as the appropriate behavior that corresponds to those teachings.

To Titus my true child in a common faith: (Titus 1:4)
exhort sound doctrine…(Titus 2:1)
be an example of good deeds…(Titus 2:7a)
with purity in doctrine, dignified…(Titus 2:7b)
sound in speech, beyond reproach…(Titus 2:8)
deny ungodliness and worldly desires…(Titus 2:12)

All of this can be summarized in Titus 2:10:”not pilfering, but showing all good faith so that they will adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in every respect.”A Christian’s behavior should “adorn” or “make beautiful” the doctrines learned from the Scriptures. However, it can also mar the testimony of God through an ungodly and unholy lifestyle. The name “Titus Bible Church” is a constant reminder to us that our responsibility is to first learn the doctrines of God and then live it out in an appropriate manner so that our actions will make attractive the truth of our Lord’s Word to those who are watching.